First Post.

Trinity College at the University of Melbourne began an iPad pilot in August 2010, and we hoped to have a blog started around the same time to talk about our experiences. Unfortunately we’ve been so busy running the pilot that the blog took a little longer than initially hoped.

Nevertheless, here we are!

We launched the pilot with roughly 50 students and 20 staff exploring the use of technology in the classroom. The academic pilot program aims to realise the potential of students and teachers by liberating creativity and promoting exploration and critical inquiry. Its educational aims can be encapsulated in a single phrase: to go further, faster, and with more fun.

iPads at Trinity are being used in the full range of subjects with the August Entry students, including English, Chemistry, Drama, Economics, Environment and Development, History of Ideas, Maths and Physics. Students and staff are also incorporating the iPads in welfare and social activities, from attendance tracking to Chill Out sessions.

Over coming weeks we look forward to sharing our victories and losses and what we’ve learned along the way. We’ve already been in contact with a range of developers and vendors to give them constructive feedback on their products, and we’ll also be making our own changes and improvements in coming months as we learn how to best utilise the tools before us.

In the meantime, feel free to read an article about our pilot that was written by a journalist at Techworld or a short video showing the distribution of iPads to students.


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