Pilot Report Findings and Phase Two

We are just now into the second exciting phase of the ‘Step Forward’ iPad Pilot Project. 2011 will see all teaching, and many administrative staff at Trinity College Foundation Studies in possession of an iPad. This is going to be a year of much sharing of expertise and ideas, as well as a steep learning curve for most of us. The range of subjects taught with iPads in Phase Two will expand from the original subjects: English for Academic Purposes, Physics, Chemistry, Literature, History of Ideas, Drama, Environment and Development, Economics, and Maths 1, to now include Media and Communications, Accounting, Psychology, Maths 2, and Biology.

I include myself in the general mass for whom integrating a new technology into our work practices is a challenging undertaking. Under normal conditions I teach Literature. However, the departure of Mark Dorset to his exciting new role led to me being offered a great opportunity – a secondment as Education Technology Manager to support staff throughout this year of change.

There is a growing list of schools and educational institutions experimenting with iPads around the world, and the data arising from the first pilot studies is only now emerging. Trinity College is among the leaders forging a pathway into 1:1 mobile learning. Our report into the pilot program presents findings from the second survey administered to students and staff – and shows overwhelming endorsement of the iPad in teaching and learning.

Read more about the key findings and recommendations after the break.

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