Trinity College iPad Pilot Report Available

As I reported below, the Report from our six month 1:1 iPad pilot was completed in January. The Report lays the foundations for bringing about the full vision that the Step Forward Pilot Project encompasses – a dynamic, engaging, active and creative curriculum for all students in the Foundation Studies Programs at Trinity College. Foundation Studies is a bridging program for International students preparing for studies at University. For more.

We can now share with you the full version of our ‘Step Forward’ iPad Pilot Report, which is available for viewing in a shared Google Doc.

Report on the Step Forward iPad Pilot Project

by Glen Jennings, Trent Anderson, Mark Dorset, and Jennifer Mitchell.

We have opened the report to comments and suggestions from the Academic Faculty at Trinity College, and we also welcome any and all comments, questions and reflections from our readers here. Feedback is an essential ingredient in any major institutional change – from both those involved, and from external observers.

In the next post soon to come, the philosophical and pedagogical underpinnings of Phase Two of the Project, detailed in an earlier post, will be outlined. I am also hoping to include a guest post from one of the students who undertook the August Early Entry program in 2010. Our students’ experiences and voices are another essential ingredient, and as Phase Two progresses, students will continue to be involved in the project. Several of the former August students have purchased their own iPads for their studies in the February Main Program. These students’ reflections and observations about the ways iPads are being used in the classrooms by teachers, and contributing to their learning experiences and study skills, will be sought and incorporated into the second pilot currently scheduled for 2011.

Please follow the link, and leave comments or questions.

Photos by Mark Chew



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  1. Hi

    I am involved in some research on the use of iPads by students and staff here at University of Southern Queensland and would be interested to discussing potential research collaboration across institutions for any interested partites

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